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First Lady Begins Soliciting Suggestions on Parental Involvement

State of Tennessee Press Release; March 17, 2011:

Mrs. Haslam Listens to Parents to Find Solutions to Low Literacy Levels

NASHVILLE – First Lady Crissy Haslam sat down with parents at Parkview Montessori Magnet School in Jackson today. It was the first education roundtable discussion hosted by Mrs. Haslam since she announced her focus on encouraging parental involvement in early childhood reading and community engagement in primary education.

During the visit, parents and community members were able to share their challenges with school involvement, and make suggestions to the First Lady on ways the state can help parents and communities meet local educational goals.

“As I start this journey to find new ways to encourage parental and community involvement for young children in Tennessee, I know the greatest insight can come from parents themselves,” Mrs. Haslam said. “I look forward to more discussions with parents and community members all over the state as we work towards a high quality education for every child.”

2 replies on “First Lady Begins Soliciting Suggestions on Parental Involvement”

The problem is, the parents who need to engage more in education are, typically, the ones that won’t and, by all accounts, won’t even show up for the discussion sessions the First Lady will be holding. Honestly, I just don’t see those parents voluntarily engaging in their child’s education. I’m not really sure that you could even coerce them into engaging in it, given what I’ve seen over the years.

What I can say for sure is that Mrs. Haslam is beautiful and so is her staff. I hope they are as smart as they are pretty!

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