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House of Wafflers: Tea Party Turning Heat Up Under ‘RINOs’ On Collective Bargaining

“Action Alert” from the Tennessee Tea Party, March 21, 2011:

Many vital pieces of legislation are winding their way through our Senate and House this week. We are keeping track of many of them on Tennessee Legislative Watch on Facebook. We have also had several patriots sign up as Watchdogs and they spend many hours researching the issues and the bills that are of concern to us and impact everything from pro-business, jobs, health care, immigration, international law, and collective bargaining…(and anything else we feel is of relevance to our state). The Watchdogs also are working with other lobbyists and groups that have, for years, kept us all informed in the legislature. These Watchdogs have also been working very closely with certain members of our Senate and House to maintain a bridge of communication between the folks and those in the legislature.

We have been able to form vital working relationships with many inside and out of the legislature, and many of these individuals have asked that we not divulge who they are. Those legislators who have asked for anonymity are working hard with us to insure that we are as informed as possible…they are true patriots in every sense of the word.

Having said that, one of the more pressing issues at this juncture is collective bargaining. We have asked for and been given the (growing) list of House members that are, indeed, waffling. These members have varying degrees of allegiance to the unions; many are tied to and closely related to the TEA. Some have assisted in the drafting of HB 130-amended.

We know everyone has been busy applying heavy pressure to those individuals who are not taking seriously why they are in office…they were given a loud and uniform mandate from the folks back in November. You can contact each of these members by first typing rep. then their name and then, (Example: Let them know that we support the original bill (HB 130/SB 113); that we do not stand behind the watered down version as evident in the amendment (which strips and re-writes HB 130). The list of House members who are waffling on collective bargaining are as follows:

Scotty Campbell (District 3) Dale Ford (6) Richard Montgomery (12)

Harry Brooks (19) Steve McDaniel (72) Art Swann (8)

Vince Dean (30) John Forgety (23) Cameron Sexton (25) Mark Pody (46)

Michael Harrison (9) Richard Floyd (27) Charles Sargent (61) Phillip Johnson (78)

Ron Lollar (99) Curtis Johnson (68) Jeremy Faison (11) Ryan Haynes (14)

Dennis Roach (35) Speaker Beth Harwell (56)

We are instructed that we have 47 confirmed House members who want to see collective bargaining ended and will support the original version. We need 50 (+ 2-3) for a majority. We also need to be aware that Senator Ron Ramsey will appoint the more conservative of the Senators to the conference and Representative Beth Harwell will likely appoint the weaker of their members. Rep Harwell is in lockstep with Governor Haslam, who has proved himself weak on a variety of issues confronting our state.

Many of our legislators are more concerned about their relationships to these special interests groups, their deep pocket books, and their re-electability. While many understand that we have installed a Republican majority in our government, these individuals, along with Governor Bill Haslam, do not have that understanding. Many House and Senate members understand that they are answerable to and working for We the People. The Senate plans to continue pushing their version (SB 113) and many are applying significant pressure to the above named representatives. These versions will eventually go to the House and Senate for a vote, then a conference will be formed (half, members of the Senate; half, members from the House), and these two versions will need to somehow be merged. The Senate, many in the House, and the people are pushing for the pure un-amended version.

We are being told that HB 130 amended when put before the House for a vote will delineate who are the true conservatives and who are the RINOs. Those true patriots, who voted for the amended version, did so in order to keep HB 130 from dying in committee, thus bringing a vote in the House. We must continue to apply heavy pressure before this bill goes before the conference.

Please join us and the 9-12 Project Tennessee for our Legislature 101 and 102 classes being offered in Rutherford County, Hampton Inn & Suites Murfreesboro on April 2, 2011 from 8 AM – 5:30 PM. Go to the 9-12 Project website here to register. We are up against a deadline at the end of this week to commit to the hotel for the lunch so please register if you plan to attend. Cost for the full day of training, lunch, and course material is $75. We have also opened up a limited number of seats for people who attended our past 101 class and would like to attend just the 102 portion of this event. Cost for just the 102 class is $25 and does not include lunch. Please bring your workbook as we will provide the course inserts for 102. Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey will open Legislature 102 on March 31 from 6 PM – 8 PM at the Rutherford County Courthouse. This event is free and open to the public.

Remember to go to Tennessee Legislative Watch on Facebook for all updates on the 107th Tennessee General Assembly. We are attempting to limit how many emails folks are receiving by posting most of the important information and alerts on this page. Anyone is welcome to use and contribute to this site.

If you want to volunteer in any capacity, contact tami@tnteaparty.orgor

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