Naifeh: What Happened to the Jobs Package?

Press Release from Rep. Jimmy Naifeh; March 21, 2011:

Of all weeks to work behind closed doors–last week was “Sunshine Week”–open government, transparency, etc…

This amendment was a compromise between the House Republicans–moderates and Tea Party members. We (House Democrats on Education General Sub Committee) were never invited for input.

This was merely an attempt to satisfy the moderates and Tea Party Republicans.

When you have a true compromise, you have all parties involved; Republicans, Democrats, teachers, TEA, school boards and school directors. You work until you come with a true compromise.

We, the Democrats on the sub-committee, did not receive the amendment until noon for the afternoon meeting. We requested a one week delay because we had not seen this amendment. It was worked out the day before by the Republicans. Our request was not granted by the Republican-controlled committee.

All of the studies show that professional negotiations do not have a negative impact on student achievement.

While unemployment is up in Tennessee, the Republicans are attacking our teachers on all fronts. Professional negotiations, retirement, dues deductions, discussions on the “Monkey Bill”, special school districts, guns, creating currency, immigration and other non-related jobs bills.

What happened to the jobs package??????