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Haslam Dismisses Tea Party Dispatch; Ramsey ‘Disappointed’ With ‘Name-Calling’ But Agrees on Issues

Leading GOP state lawmakers are recent comments from the Tennessee Tea Party that the Republican governor is now or in the past has been driven by “socialistic” principles.

Gov. Bill Haslam himself shrugged off the remark and said he wouldn’t engage in name calling.

“I don’t know how to be more clear that we’re trying to focus really hard on things that really matter, and I’ll leave all that stuff to somebody else,” he told reporters after a luncheon with the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce.

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, generally a fan and a favorite of the tea party, called the comment “absolutely ridiculous.” The Blountville Republican said he’s previously discouraged the group from making what he regards as overheated comments.

The essay, first published on the Tennessee Tea Party website, slammed Haslam and other Republicans for not standing stronger along side efforts to eliminate mandatory collective bargaining among teachers, an issue the conservative activist group is attempting to influence by targeting a handful of House GOP members who are reportedly leaning away from an all-out ban.

“By all accounts he is a progressive who was able to leverage family fortunes towards a victory in gaining the Governor’s seat,” read the Tea Party statement. “One only needs to look at his track record as mayor of Knoxville and his embrace of the socialistic principals such as sustainability and his Agenda 21 initiatives. His two-faced approach towards 2ndamendment freedoms should have been telling.”

The Tennessee Tea Party president said she’s not put off that top Republicans like Ramsey are shunning her group’s comments. “Sometimes he takes to eye-rolling with me,” said Tami Kilmarx.

3 replies on “Haslam Dismisses Tea Party Dispatch; Ramsey ‘Disappointed’ With ‘Name-Calling’ But Agrees on Issues”

It never fails. In the Tea Party movement we have finally found our voice. When I say our, I mean the average citizen. Never in 57 years have I felt as though the average citizen had a voice…. until the Tea Party. And, it is being heard! So what do some do, some who have an agenda beyond that of the Tea Party…. adopt the same over the top rhetoric as the leftist left activist group out there. Haslam a socialist! It is a stupid statement serving no purpose that I can see. Someone explain.

Well GE, maybe Haslam should have something better to talk about than name calling. But much like his campaign days, he has less to say about issues and wants to focus on being nice.

Remember, he controls what topics he talks about. If he acts like a socialist part of the time then he should expect to wear the label. If that is too tough for him then I guess he’s not cut out for the task at hand.

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