**Caption Contest** (Footloose Edition)

Friday again! That means we can share another of the lighter legislative moments we’ve come to semiregularly fetishize.

We think this week’s choice has legs. But before we get started, let’s go over the groundrule: Maintain decorum or we’ll be forced to gavel you down. We’d much prefer not to have to remove your pithy gem because you stuck your dirty foot in your mouth, so toe the line of decency, please.

Our winner from the “Hurley on a Harley” caption contest last go-round is RS, but we’ll admit we had a lot of good entries. As always, please check out our past contests and feel free to add caption entries of your own.

OK, then — Let’s get the party kickin’:

(For the record, the uninhibited free spirit above is Speaker Beth Harwell doing her thing during a House of Representatives floor session.)

13 replies on “**Caption Contest** (Footloose Edition)”

Well, this pic gives me some hope-It shows the Speaker has some sense, and in this world, that seems rare. If she was wearing those stupid high heels that most women thing are so wonderful, I’d figure she wasn’t to bright. Wearing those awful things tell me that women aren’t too smart or they would wear something a LOT more comfortable. Speaker Harwell just earned SOME of my respect. What she does in office will decide about the rest of my respect…

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