Parental Involvement Talks Take First Lady to Putnam County

Press Release from First Lady Crissy Haslam; March 28, 2011:

First Lady Continues Education Roundtables With Parents

NASHVILLE –First Lady Crissy Haslam sat down with parents and guardians at Algood Elementary School in Putnam County today. Mrs. Haslam invited parents of school-age children to participate in the roundtable discussion as part of her effort to learn how the state can encourage parental and community engagement.

During the visit, Mrs. Haslam learned about the Algood school’s unique plan to improve parent and family participation, having adopted the Putnam County Schools Family Engagement Plan.

“Education is a shared responsibility by the schools, parents, and communities, and I’m very impressed with the school system’s family engagement plan,” Mrs. Haslam said. “It recognizes that parents and guardians are a vital part of a child’s learning, and creates a comfortable environment for parents and teachers to work together.”

Mrs. Haslam also acknowledged that there are 7,300 children in state custody in Tennessee, and a foster parent and grandparent were among those included in the Algood school roundtable discussion.

“If someone other than a parent is primarily involved in a child’s education, then that adult is also a central part of this conversation.”

Mrs. Haslam will continue to meet with parents all across the state in order to learn how the state can help parents and communities to achieve local educational goals.