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Ramsey Rolls Out ‘Red Tape’ Website

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey said he hopes to create a “megaphone” for Tennessee small businesses by launching a website that will give them a place to air their grievances with state government.

He says the site,, which stands for “Ridiculous Employee Decisions That Affect People Every Day” will collect complaints about dealing with Tennessee government bureaucracy.

“Tell me how government red tape has affected your life. I’ll help you cut it,” Ramsey said via Twitter moments after he announced the website Monday in a press conference at Capitol Hill.

His staff will manage the website and chase down submitted complaints, such as problems applying for a business license, and try to rectify the problems.

Ramsey, who is titled the “chief red tape cutter” on the website, doesn’t know how much maintaining the website and following up on complaints will cost the state of Tennessee, he said. But “this will be best money that has ever been spent in the state of Tennessee” if they ease headaches for small businesses.

The site was applauded by representatives from the National Federation of Independent Business and the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, a free-market think tank.

“The regulatory environment in our country and in our state is crushing free enterprise and job creation,” said Jim Brown, state director of the NFIB.. “A lot of folks have been talking about jobs bills. Where’s the jobs bills? And, in our minds, this is part of a jobs bill.”

2 replies on “Ramsey Rolls Out ‘Red Tape’ Website”

Lt. Governor and our representative for Johnson county.
Sir I have been busy with sick friends and family. I should have gotten this e-mail sent sooner. I understand that a deciion was to be made on M. P. a member of our election commissioner. I trust Sir that you have taken in consideration the recommendations of our current Chairman and Republican Womens President. We have had and apparently still have a problem with a person who has tried very hard to divide our party. We now have a chance to mend fences. Be assured sir that this person who thinks that she can call the shots has no clot in this county now. Yes I do agree that the democrat Darleen Atwood should step aside and that a republican should have that position. Yes it needs to be done,but not because one person who has no or very little respect in this county thinks that she can control what is done here. We have had a member of the commission out do to an accident. He is now back, thank God that his injuries are healing for they were severe.
I know sir that all commendtions with you are confidental. And that you respect all feed back that helps to mend our party, especially with the Presidenal election on the horizon.
Thank You A true Conservative
Christian Republican
Janice Fritts

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