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Sex Offender Registry Bill Moves Out of House Judiciary

Press Release from the House GOP Caucus, April 1, 2011:

GOP Legislator Joined by District Attorney General in Applauding Committee Passage of Important Legislation

(NASHVILLE, April 1, 2011) – This week the House Judiciary Committee passed a top priority of Representative Barrett Rich’s (R—Somerville) legislative agenda. HB 1177, the Sexual Offender Registry bill, passed the Committee and will be sent to the Calendar & Rules Committee for scheduling a full House vote on the legislation.

The bill requires all sexual offenders who are incarcerated, but who have not yet registered as a sexual offender or violent sexual offender, to be registered in the institution in which they are incarcerated by no later than August 1, 2011. Effectively, the bill increases public safety as it will catalogue and publicize the sexual offenders around the State. It ensures those who have been convicted of a sexual offense have to sign a TBI registration form. The TBI then takes the person’s information and places it into the sexual offender database.

Rep. Rich was joined by District Attorney General Mike Dunavant in applauding the action taken by the Judiciary Committee. Rich remarked, “I am grateful to the Members of the House Judiciary Committee for recognizing the importance of this legislation and I want to thank General Dunavant for bringing this to our attention. It is an honor to work with him on this issue. Our Majority is committed to preventing further victimization of Tennessee families.”

District Attorney General Mike Dunavant stated, “I want to thank Representative Rich and the Members of the Judiciary Committee for advancing this critical legislation in such a timely fashion. The D.A. and Members of the General Assembly working together will provide for a safer Tennessee.”

The text of HB 1177 can be accessed here.

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