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Nashville Environmental Group Files EPA Complaint Against State of Tennessee

Press Release from BURNT, April 12, 2011:

BURNT, a 22 year old Nashville based environmental group, filed a complaint against the State of Tennessee with the U S EPA alleging multiple violations of solid waste laws. BURNT stated that the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation violated federal and state laws concerning operation of landfills, failure to remediate polluted landfills, fraud concerning the Dickson County Landfill, water pollution, and false solid waste numbers.

“This complaint has developed over years” said Bruce Wood, BURNT president. “We have written TDEC and several state agencies about this. For example, the Dickson County Landfill is a highly polluted landfill. The State simply ignored the regulatory scheme under federal and state law to institute a “Ground Water Protection Plan” which avoided many key regulations which protect citizens”. Wood stated that false solid waste numbers, leaking landfills, environmental injustice, and poor regulatory enforcement are also long time problems his group brought up repeatedly to several state agencies.

Wood said this complaint helped stop bad solid waste regulations which would have only enabled more misleading solid waste numbers. “We want to work with the State to compost and recycle solid waste” said Wood.

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I have a home on Dale Hollow lake…They built a cafo chicken farm that I have been fighting for years because of the awful smell…It is amonia based and cannot be good for us. Is there anyone beside the state where we can get something done about his problem…There are 20 homes in this named subdivision some w/o AC…It is also located right on the lake on Charlie Melton RD in Clay county. I have gone as far as talking with attorneys to fight this,


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