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Dog Tired

Rep. JoAnne Favors let it be known Monday on the floor of the Tennessee House of Representatives that Legislative Plaza is no place for pooches.

The Chattanooga Democrat complained of a debilitating case of cynophobia that’s been acting up lately.

“A few weeks ago, Madam Speaker, I spoke to you and Chairman McCormick about my extreme fear of dogs. And I know my blood pressure is up sky-high right now — I just encountered a dog down in the plaza,” said Favors. “I am very upset about this, Madam Speaker. I think it’s so unfair that I have to deal with dogs here in this plaza.”

House Republican Leader Gerald McCormick, also of Chattanooga, later concurred. Legislators should refrain, he said, from inviting friends, confidants or constituents into the Capitol who don’t readily pass for actual human beings.

“I would ask anyone who is bringing animals into the plaza — I don’t care if it’s dogs, cats, chickens or goats — please do not bring them here. Leave them at home,” said McCormick. “I don’t want to have to come figure out who has animals in the plaza and chase them out.”

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The more I know about people the more I love my animals. It is truly disgusting beyond words to have an extreme Bigot such as Joanne Favors in government. I have never seen an animal perpetrate a drive-by shooting, burglary, theft. dealing drugs or molestation. Favors needs to concern herself more with those issues instead of her petty racial issues and self interests. Favors you are there in your position because of your race and nothing more and certainly not for your alleged qualifications. You use the race card to bully others and abuse the political system.

Oh by the way, my mother was slaughtered because of the acts of a black person. Does that justify me in having a fear or hatred for blacks?

Sounds like Favors might benefit from a little cognitive behavioral therapy to treat her phobia. The APA indicates “noticeable improvement in 10-20 weeks” and “a tremendous improvement in one year,” if one carefully follows an outlined treatment plan.

Or, McCormick could just continue to threaten to play Capitol Dog Catcher, if he doesn’t have better things to do in the TN House, I suppose.

You people don’t have enough to do! As long as the people who bring their pets with them are responsible for them and their by-products you should have a lot less to fear, Ms. Favors, from the pets that you do your constituents. And as for McCormick, shame on you to call yourself a Republican. Everyone knows that we Republicans are animal lovers! Isn’t there something worthwhile you people could be doing besides picking on pet owners? Last time I looked the jobless rate was way too high and prices for gas and groceries are skyrocketing…how about doing something about these things and quit whining.

Roy Glenn, you certainly have JoAnne Favors pegged. Both Favors and McCormick make me ashamed to be from Chattanooga. Gerald should have called her out on this instead of siding with her. Some decent reporting would help as well. Is this a pack of strays, a Seeing Eye dog we are talking about? Either way with the shape of the schools in her district, she has bigger problems. I guess she can blame her work performance on the dogs. I am sure that excuse worked for her in school.

Seriously, this woman was elected? I’m not even going to go into my feelings concerning a voice of the people outwardly stating that he or she is “afraid” of something, that’s a whole other story, but saying that she is afraid of dogs? Here is a big huge knowledge bomb for her. She is in a room full of people and when it comes down to it, she is much more likely to be attacked by one of them than a dog. In fact, even dogs that are deemed “bad” are only so because they were raised in a setting that allowed that behavior, i.e., their owner(s). Tell me you’re afraid to walk outside because some random might grab your purse and stab you but don’t tell me that you’re scared of a dog on a leash.

We have all forgotten our manners. Must we take our dogs everywhere we go?
Starbucks patios? Into the post office? The mall? Our neighbors’ homes? Must we return to posting “no pets allowed” signs on our places of business to remind you that our pets are not little extensions of ourselves? little “mini-mes”? I don’t take my dog to church or the grocery store or work or the state capitol. Neither should you. Leave them home, Paris Hilton.

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