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TFA Demands GOP Allow Guns at Workplace Parking Lots

Press Release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; April 18, 2011:

Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc. Legislative Action Committee

Tennesseans have pushed for a change in the existing laws for many years so that individuals who have handgun carry permits can commute to and from work without fear of losing their job simply because the want to be capable of providing for their own defense in the event of an emergency while commuting.

For years, big business has opposed this change in the law and have used its money and resources to defeat this change in the law.

For years, Republicans have asserted to Tennessee’s conservatives and particularly its firearms owners “give us control in the General Assembly and we will fix these problems.” Well, the Republicans now have control – complete control. Tennessee’s conservatives, the people, have put the Republicans in office. Now it is time to demand that the Republicans honor their promises to the citizens and remove infringements on our rights to keep, bear and wear arms under Article 1, Section 26 of the Tennessee Constitution. To date, there is no clear sign that these promises are being kept – much less remembered.

What is evident is that those who are in power are once again dancing to the carrot stick of big business as evidenced by the amendment to House Bill 2021. It is time, therefore, that we remind them that it was citizen voters – not big business – that elected them to office! To borrow a phrase from Bill Cosby, “”You know, I brought you in this world, and I can take you out….” If Tennessee voters do not fully understand and agree that conservatives are now in power, then those who are in power but failing in their promises can be removed and others can take their place.

Go to the TFA’s action alert system and send them a message that they are being held accountable for their “campaign promises.” Call to Action Email Alert – Send your own Message

Forward this message and this call to action to every firearms owner, to every conservative, to every Tea Party member you know.

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