Sen. Gresham Reacts to Resignation of Agenia Clark from TN Board of Regents

Statement from Senate Education Chairman Dolores Gresham, R-Somerville, May 4, 2011:

(NASHVILLE, TN), May 4, 2011 – “During the Senate Education Committee today, I referred Senate Resolution 29 to our General Subcommittee. The resolution would have begun the process to reject the appointment of the three members of the Tennessee Board of Regents who did not appear before our committee as requested last fall in regards to the search process for a new chancellor.”

“The most prominent authority on this matter was Ms. Agenia Clark, who headed the flawed search committee. Ms. Clark neither responded to our request to appear before members of the Senate Education Committee, or offered any explanation regarding her inability to present the information which only she could offer as the head of that group.”

“It is my understanding that Ms. Clark resigned today as a Regent. I am satisfied that this consequential action is sufficient and therefore, do not plan to move forward with any further action at this time regarding the resolution to reject the appointment. Hopefully, there is a greater understanding regarding accountability and the role of the Senate to question such actions of the Board in the future as provided in Tennessee law.”