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TN Citizen Action: Real Human Cost to Capping Damages

Press Release from Tennessee Citizen Action; May 12, 2011:

Mary Mancini, executive director of Tennessee Citizen Action, released the following statement on the Senate passage of Governor Bill Haslam’s Tennessee Civil Justice Act of 2011:

Even when faced with irrefutable proof that placing caps on damage awards is a solution in search of a problem, a majority in our state senate choose to pass a bill that takes away the right of Tennesseans to have their day in court.

There is a real human cost to placing caps on damages and we’ve all heard the tragic stories. Any legislator that voted for this bill will have to look into the eyes of a victim’s family member and tell them. “This how little I think your loved one is worth.”

If the governor signs it, Tennessee will no longer have a civil justice system that is robust and can hold corporations accountable for egregious acts that lead to abuse, neglect, and death.

Tennessee Citizen Action asks Governor Haslam to determine if there is room in the “new normal” to consider the real human cost of putting caps on damages.

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