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Rep. Watson Happy About Decision Not to Tax Amazon

Press Release from the House Republican Caucus, May 18, 2011:

House Judiciary Chairman Eric Watson Releases Statement Regarding Amazon

(NASHVILLE, May 18, 2011) – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Eric Watson (R—Cleveland) released the following statement after the House Finance Subcommittee voted to take legislation off the calendar that would have forced a top company to pay state sales taxes. The legislation, HB 136, would have jeopardized an agreement between the State of Tennessee and Amazon which is bringing thousands of the jobs to Bradley County and surrounding areas.

Rep. Watson stated:

“I am grateful all sides could come together on this issue and arrive at a conclusion that best represents the interests of our State. While I understand and respect the perspectives of a few of my colleagues, I believe it is more important that Tennessee is always able to keep her commitments. I am thankful for the Members that chose to join me in these efforts. This vote puts to rest any notion that we will go back on our promise to Amazon.

“Now we can move on to showing the hospitality our State is so well known for and properly welcome Amazon. This Fortune 100 Company will invest well over $130 million dollars into our economy and employ thousands of Tennesseans—a much-needed boost in this slow economy.

“Amazon and all the great companies coming to our part of Tennessee are discovering something all of us know already: Bradley County is open for business. I know Bradley County and East Tennessee are thankful for the partnership with Amazon and we all look forward to the day they start shipping out orders.”

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