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VIDEO: Haslam Stands Firm On Discrimination Bill

Gov. Bill Haslam reiterated for reporters Wednesday why he is sticking by his decision to sign into law a bill that ultimately reverses an anti-discrimination ordinance in Nashville. The legislation, HB600, prevents any local government from enacting rules on “discriminatory practices” that are more stringent than at the state level.

3 replies on “VIDEO: Haslam Stands Firm On Discrimination Bill”

With all due respect, Governor, the TN Chamber of Commerce misrepresented the values of the state’s very best job creators in the debate. It’s hard to have an honest debate when the Chamber misleads lawmakers and voters into believing there is some burden felt by businesses. It wasn’t until after the bill was passed that Nissan, FedEx, Alcoa, Whirlpool, UnitedHealth and several more distinguished members of the Chamber’s board found out what kind of politics their brands were being misappropriated for. The legislation you allowed Rep. Glen Casada to soil your agenda with forced some of Tennessee’s smartest businesses to have to distance themselves from you, your politics and the great state of Tennessee. That’s not good business. That’s bad business.

If the Golden Rule is such a burden to Tennessee businesses, why did the most successful businesses in Tennessee spend their weekend hours firing off press releases soundly rejecting that argument while proclaiming much better values? To me, these strong American companies showed real leadership by being the example.

If there is even one business in Tennessee who would be burdened under by treating people fairly, produce them and let us explore the values of the example you’d like to set for business in Tennessee.

Employer interests trump the interests of the Tennessee taxpayers employing them and paying for public contracts (the only work to which the legislation would apply)? Yes, those are the rules in Chamber of Commerce Land. These monied interests have become our lords and masters, because we elect their flunkies.

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