Ramsey, Harwell: Defunding Planned Parenthood Would Have Jeopardized Budget

Statement fromm Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville, and Speaker Beth Harwell, R-Nashville; May 27, 2011:

“The confusion surrounding the language in the budget regarding Planned Parenthood has been unfortunate. The Office of Legal Services advised House and Senate leadership that it is unconstitutional to amend general law through the appropriations bill (Article II, Section 17), an interpretation which would have put the entire budget document in jeopardy. It was not our intent to allow funding for Planned Parenthood. Our majority in the General Assembly clearly meant to defund them. We are currently working with pro-life activists to resolve this issue with legislation and we will put it to rest immediately upon the legislature’s return in January.”

Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey and Speaker Beth Harwell

  • http://dailydocket.blogspot.com Wintermute

    These people seem determined to let the Pope and your Falwells say what conservatism is, despite the history of the issue and the hypocrisy of big government intervention. I see this move as a mere step on the way to criminalization of abortion, and if these people were honest, they would admit that. Meanwhile, in a country rife with expenditures to “promote the general welfare,” this is the biggest bang for the buck there is. Yet they posture to country hick preacher-led dopes and urban fascists.

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  • hckilgore

    wintermute, the issue is very simple: is what is inside the mother a human or not? is it a baby or not? all science says yes…nothing genetically new is ever added to the DNA of that child in the womb after conception…functionally it’s not fully grown, but humanity is not defined in terms of functionality for value and the right to live….. or else you get nazi germany again (that is some ‘expert’ gets to decide who is functionally fully human) …man is intrinsically ‘human’ from the sheer nature that man IS man! so it should be criminalized just like the fact that i can’t walk over and shoot my neighbor for convenience sake, or because “i’m not ready to be a ‘neighbor’ (aka mother), or being a neighbor will cost me too much money …no law would ever support such silliness, yet basically those are the ‘excuses’ this nation allows for abortion…abortion should be criminalized bec it’s cold blooded murder…last point, would you support a mother to terminate the life of her two year old daughter just bec the two year old isn’t fully human (functionally)? i mean, what’s the difference? the two year can’t work, reason fully, provide for herself,..she’s dependent on the mother also for her life at 2 years old in only a little less degree than the baby in the womb? i mean where do you draw the line and HOW do you know where to draw the line?

  • Donna Locke

    I no longer watch TV sitcoms, but I find the legislature’s press releases provide something of an alternative.

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