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Herron: Goodyear Closing Showed ‘Lack of Patriotism,’ ‘Insensitivity’

Press Release from Tennessee State Sen. Roy Herron, D-Dresden, July 11, 2011:

DRESDEN – State Senator Roy Herron issued a statement Monday regarding the treatment of 2,000 Tennesseans who found themselves suddenly without jobs at the Goodyear plant in Union City.

“Goodyear showed its lack of patriotism by firing 2,000 Americans the week of the Fourth of July, its callousness by stopping their pay on 9/11, and its insensitivity by both firing everyone and cutting off their pay on the Sabbath,” Herron said.

“Goodyear is firing Tennesseans while they are hiring Chinese, and they can sell their tires overseas and forget selling another tire to this Tennessean. I have driven my truck 417,000 miles on American-made Goodyear tires, but this American will never buy a single foreign-made Goodyear tire.”

Workers at the plant were told upon arriving to their shifts Sunday and Monday morning that production at the plant had ceased. The announcement came five months to the day after Goodyear had announced the plant would close by the end of the year. Goodyear has been closing American plants as it has been opening new plants overseas, including a new plant opening in China in a few months.

Under federal law, workers will receive two months’ salary — meaning their pay will end on September 11, the 10-year anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

Herron is already working to fill the massive hole that Goodyear’s sudden departure will leave in the regional economy.

“I have invited Governor Haslam, the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development, and the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development to come to Northwest Tennessee and talk with workers, business leaders, and citizens about what they are going to do to help our people,” Herron said. “I will do everything I can to make sure the state government responds to the needs of our people and helps bring new jobs here.”

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