Corker Frustrated by Federal Debt Impasse

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker wasn’t ready to go anywhere near as far as Gov. Bill Haslam did this week on what budget talks in Washington would mean long-term for Tennessee.

Haslam said in Fayetteville on Thursday the state should be prepared to see less federal funding as the result of Congress coming to grips with the federal debt issue.

“It really is way, way, way premature to talk about what effects there might be,” Corker said Friday night at the Tennessee Republican Party Statesmen’s Dinner in Nashville.

“We’re going to have to prioritize funds. We all know what needs to happen. Forty cents of every dollar we spend we don’t have. It really would be too premature to speak to how specifically that would affect the state of Tennessee.”

Haslam said Thursday that while he believes the current debt crisis will be resolved, “there will be less money coming out of Washington than there used to be. There just will be. For all programs. Whether that’s money aimed toward education or health care or building roads or helping folks with mental health issues or workforce development issues. There will be less Washington dollars going forward.”

As for Haslam’s comments, Corker said, “I respect him for saying that, and I thank him for the great job he’s doing running the state.”

Corker told the dinner crowd of the “tremendous dysfunction” he sees in Washington.

“We all know what we need to do. Tennesseans know what we need to do, and that is to spend less,” Corker said. “The fact we cannot figure out what Tennesseans know intuitively — know exactly what to do — is one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve ever seen.”

Corker said he is still hopeful a solution can be reached before the Aug. 2 deadline on raising the debt ceiling and that he hopes to see a plan that will dramatically reduce spending.

  • london2z

    Thanks to the greedy Republicans and the Bush tax cuts, as well as the Iraq war, this country came into its biggest debt, ever. Now all Obama is trying to do is get the greedy Republicans at the top to pay their fair share, instead of cutting social programs all the time, that are already cut to the bone. If you capitalist pig right-wingers really want to bring down the debt, then raise taxes on those who can easily afford it, and cut military spending. Not throw the elderly out in the street, and starve those on food stamps, etc.
    Obama also wants to create jobs through stimulus spending. It takes money to make money, you know. You greedy Republicans should know that. A short-term rise in spending to create jobs, that will bring down the debt in the long-term. What’s so bad about that?? If we don’t do anything, then the economy will remain in limbo.
    It took Bush 8 years to get the economy in the horrible shape that it’s in, and you Republicans expected Obama to turn it around instantly? Even he said in his campaign that it could take two terms or more to get back to ‘normal’.