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Fitzhugh Reluctant to Talk Specifics on TBI Investigation of Nursing Board Legislation

House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh is hesitant to say anything about the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s probe of lawmakers who said they used legislation to encourage the state Board of Nursing to reexamine a decision.

“I think the reason for legislation is…to better the lives of citizens in Tennessee. If the particular reason a bill is filed does not come under that broad category, it probably shouldn’t have been filed in the first place,” said the Ripley Democrat.

Fitzhugh said he otherwise did not want to comment on the investigation except to say that the decision to sunset a board is a serious one.

TBI is investigating the dealings of legislators and Department of Health personnel related to efforts to convince the Tennessee Nursing Board to revisit disciplinary actions against three nurses accused of over-prescribing medication which reportedly led to the death of two patients at the now defunct Appalachian Medical Center.

Reps. Tony Shipley and Dale Ford told local media they introduced legislation to encourage the board to listen to their requests. Both say they’ve done nothing wrong.

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