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TNGOP: Mint Ban Stinks

Press Release from Tennessee Republican Party; Aug. 5, 2011:  

While the failed policies of President Obama and Democrats continue to hurt our country and weaken the economy, FOX News reported this week that State Representative Joe Armstrong (D-Knoxville) has been on a mission to get a particular brand of mints banned at University of Tennessee Knoxville bookstores. The mints with a picture of President Obama on the front and labeled “Disappoint-Mints” apparently offended Rep. Armstrong so much that he asked the product be removed from the shelves and not sold again. However, the UT bookstore claims they sold similar mints when President Bush was in office, and they were never removed.

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney released the following statement today regarding Democrat’s curiously strong opposition to political humor.

“It is a disappointment and an embarrassment that Democrats feel the need to limit free speech on the campus of UT-Knoxville when President Obama is being criticized, but did nothing when the mints targeted President Bush. Regardless, the truth is that American disappointment with the President is continuing to grow and poll after poll reflects this. You will find Republicans are more focused with fixing our country’s problems and removing President Obama and his failed policies from the White House in 2012 and not mints from college bookstores.”

Democrats across the country seem to be missing the point and ignoring America’s economic problems. They continue to force their failed policies on the American people and that should leave a bad taste in the mouths of voters. Since Obama took office $3.7 Trillion has been added to the National Debt. Unemployment has risen from 8.1% to 9.2% since Obama’s failed $831 Billion stimulus passed. Our country has 14 Million unemployed workers and 6.3 Million of them have been unemployed for 27 weeks or longer. These numbers are unacceptable it is time Washington receive a breath of fresh air.

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