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Gresham Named to Senate Finance Committee

Press Release from Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, Aug 16, 2011:

(Nashville) – Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey today announced the appointment of Sen. Dolores Gresham (R-Somerville) to the Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committee. Sen. Gresham also serves as Chairman of the Senate Education Committee.

“Dolores Gresham has been an invaluable member of the Senate since her election in 2006,” said Lt. Gov. Governor Ramsey. “In an age when we are increasingly looking for ways to maximize government efficiency and shrink the size of government, it is crucial to have proven fiscal conservatives on our Finance committee. Sen. Gresham doesn’t just talk the talk on budget issues. She’s walks the walk. I’m proud to have her on this committee.”

“I’ve always been committed to keeping taxes low, government small and the budget balanced,” said Sen. Gresham. “There is no better place than the Finance committee for a legislator to achieve those goals. I’m honored to have been chosen to serve.”

One of the more powerful Senate committees, the Finance, Ways And Means Committee is responsible for all measures relating the raising of revenue, the issuance or payment of bonds and the appropriation of state funds. Much of the committee’s work revolves around the general appropriations bill crucial to forming the state budget.

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