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Haslam’s Three New ‘R’s

Gov. Bill Haslam can be found emphasizing new fundamentals of education in a video from the Southern Governors’ Association, which met over the weekend in Asheville, N.C.

“They used to say that education was the ‘three R’s’ — reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic,” Haslam says in a video on workforce development. “But now it’s changed.”

Haslam applies three new “R”s.

“It’s about Relevance — making certain what you’re learning really does apply to what you need further in life,” he begins.

“Rigor — raising the standards.

“And Relationships — having the right, caring adults in front of students.”

Haslam has made the placement of the right teachers and principals in schools one of the cornerstones of his education reform agenda.

In a separate video from the SGA, Haslam addresses the governor’s role in innovation.

“Sometimes the role of governor is all about connecting,” Haslam says. “It’s about connecting somebody that has a great idea that can be taken to the marketplace maybe with other folks who have capital or have people who can provide exposure.”

Haslam has a $50 million program called INCITE in the Department of Economic and Community Development, where the goal is to help innovative ideas reach the market and enhance their visibility. INCITE is an acronym for innovation, commercialization, investment, technology and entrepreneurship.

Haslam also has a program in ECD called Startup Tennessee, where the idea is to match new businesses with capital and mentors from business to help the start-up businesses to grow.

Both the INCITE program and Startup Tennessee are part of the governor’s overall jobs program called JOBS4TN. The Haslam administration will host the 58th annual Governor’s Conference on Economic and Community Development in Nashville Sept. 22-23.

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While I respect and appreciate the fact that our governor is keeping abreast in his educational jargon, I must say that “Rigor, Relevance and Relationships” are not Haslam’s New 3 R’s. These “new 3 R’s” are not new and impressive to me as they have been the topic of discussion by many in the field of education for some time now.

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