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Devaney Sends Letter to Rep. Moore

Press Release from the State Republican Party, Sept. 1, 2011:

TNGOP Chairman Chris Devaney Sends Letter to State Representative & TN AFL-CIO President Gary Moore

NASHVILLE, TN – Earlier today, Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney sent a letter to State Representative and President of the Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council Gary Moore, asking for clarification on a number of issues. Devaney has particularly requested that Moore address whether or not he can separate his labor organization’s interests from the interests of his district when voting in Nashville. The full letter is below.

State Representative Gary Moore

President-Tennessee AFL/CIO Labor Council

1901 Lindell Avenue

Nashville, TN 37203

Dear Representative/President Moore:

Congratulations on your recent appointment as President of the Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council. I am sure you would agree that it is certainly an honor and one that you have earned given your support of big labor issues that have come before the Tennessee General Assembly over the years.

Since you will be making decisions as a legislator and also “educating” your colleagues, as you put it, on issues important to the largest labor union in the country, I thought it would be important to let me, as a citizen of this state, and your constituents know where you will stand on the issues as they come before you in the General Assembly. Surely you would never put the issues of AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka and his ally President Obama before the best of interests of your constituents in Metro Nashville.

For instance, the AFL-CIO wholeheartedly endorsed and lobbied for President Obama’s health care package. In Tennessee, your predecessor picketed across the state to urge for the passage of this controversial legislation. As a state legislator and now President of the Tennessee AFL- CIO, is this something that you would encourage? And do you agree with President Obama and the government takeover of health care? Even though former Governor Phil Bredesen has said that Obamacare could cost Tennessee over $3 billion to implement, do you agree that this was practical legislation and was in the best interest of our state and your district? As a legislator, and the head of a large labor union in the state, would you organize a protest?

The AFL-CIO’s proposal entitled The Labor Movement’s Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform calls for amnesty for illegal immigrants across the country and in Tennessee. According to the document, amnesty would “raise labor standards for all workers.” Is amnesty for illegal immigrants in Tennessee something you would encourage as President of the AFL-CIO and something you would encourage as a legislator? Further, as legislator, and as the president of a large labor union in the state, would you work to stymie common sense immigration reform measures that come before the Tennessee General Assembly?

Finally, your boss, Richard Trumka, President of the national AFL-CIO, was a strong advocate for President Obama’s failed stimulus measure. In fact, Mr. Trumka recently called on the federal government to “spend more” in a new stimulus bill. Most authorities on the issue agree that the stimulus bill was a waste of money and only increased our national debt – something that caused one credit rating agency to lower the United States’ Triple-A debt rating and threatened Tennessee’s as well. As a legislator, and president of a large labor union in the state, do you advocate bigger government and increased spending to “stimulate” the economy? In your dual roles, would you lobby or, as you put it, “educate” your colleagues to pass similar legislation in Tennessee and also encourage our federal elected officials to do the same? These are but a few issues; however, I think it is fair that the people of this state know where you stand. When you are on the State House floor, will you consider yourself a servant to the people of Tennessee or a servant to the labor bosses and big government advocates in Washington? I certainly do not question your principles, but I do question your judgment and your ability to separate your labor organization’s interests from the interests of your district when you are voting in Nashville. Is this something you can separate? I have my doubts, and the only way for you to truly and fairly do that, would be to choose between the two positions. Only you can make that decision.


Chris Devaney


Tennessee Republican Party

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