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Harwell Posts Redistricting Info Online

Press Release from Speaker Beth Harwell, R-Nashville; Sept. 9, 2011:

(NASHVILLE, September 9, 2011) – House Speaker Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) today unveiled new information on the legislative website that is dedicated to the redistricting process in the Tennessee House of Representatives. Redistricting efforts in the House will now have its own portion on the legislative website at (Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting).

“By putting this new information on the legislative website, we are striving for a more open and transparent process than ever before. There is information on each district, the population numbers from the census, the target population for each district, and the members of the House Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee,” said Speaker Harwell.

In addition to information on each district, redistricting guidelines, and current maps, the website will also feature a “comment line” Tennesseans can call to leave suggestions and input for committee members. In addition to a public meeting, the website is part of an ongoing effort to make the process more transparent.

“Redistricting is a long, complex process and it always generates a lot of interest,” said Speaker Harwell. “I encourage the public to visit the site and leave comments on the tip line. Government operates better when citizens are active and aware of the process,” she concluded.

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