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AMSF: Claims Deserves Special Treatment ‘Intellectually Insulting’

Press Release from The Alliance for Main Street Fairness in Tennessee; Oct. 4, 2011: 

Tennessee Attorney General States Amazon Has Nexus; If Internet Retailer Can Collect In Golden State, It Can Collect In Volunteer State? 

Nashville, TN – The Alliance for Main Street Fairness (AMSF) in Tennessee today issued the following statement in response to an opinion issued by the state’s attorney general demonstrating under current law clearly has nexus or a physical presence in Tennessee and therefore must abide by the law just as retailers in the state do every single day. This opinion follows news from California where Amazon has conceded it can and will collect sales taxes.

“As more facts and information are made public, it is becoming increasingly clear that’s argument against sales tax collection is evaporating. A recent opinion by Tennessee’s attorney general proves that under the law as written Amazon has a physical presence in the state and should be collecting sales taxes when its distribution centers open,” said Mike Cohen, spokesperson for the Alliance for Main Street Fairness (AMSF) in Tennessee. “Amazon first stated they couldn’t collect sales taxes, then stated it was unconstitutional, and now, in California, they have conceded they can, should and will collect. Amazon is building the same distribution centers in California that they are in Tennessee, and they should play by the same rules in our state. Any claim by Amazon that they merit a special deal in Tennessee is intellectually insulting and just plain wrong. Amazon must follow the law and collect sales taxes just like every other retailer in the state.”

To view the attorney general’s opinion, click here.

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