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Democrats Embark on Jobs Tour Encore

Press Release from the House of Representatives Democratic Caucus; Oct. 10, 2011:

NASHVILLE – Tennessee House and Senate Democrats announced Tuesday that their members will hold a Jobs Tour here Oct. 11, as part of a statewide initiative to talk to business owners, local officials and the public about how to create more jobs and improve the Nashville economy.

“We are in a jobs crisis and this tour of Nashville will help address this ongoing problem,” said House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner (D-Old Hickory). “Jobs are the number one priority for Tennesseans, and they also must be the top priority for their elected officials.”

The tour is a continuation of the House and Senate Democratic Caucuses’ statewide effort to address the unemployment and business development needs in rural and urban areas.

The tour began Sept. 19 in Memphis, with stops throughout rural and urban areas across the state.

The unemployment rate in Tennessee currently sits at 9.8 percent; meaning more than 306,000 Tennesseans are looking for jobs and can’t find one. Some county unemployment rates are as high as 19.8 percent.

“Working families are hurting in this state and it is time for us as state lawmakers to be more proactive in bringing and creating new jobs for Nashvillians,” Turner said. “We want to develop a plan to take the information we learn from our community leaders and business owners and push for changes when the legislature convenes in January.”

The tour will include several discussions and events open to the public, as well as press briefings and updates through traditional and social media. Members participating on the tour have pledged to use the feedback they receive on the tour to draft legislation directly addressing job growth throughout the state.

The focus will include discussions regarding corporate partnerships, small business development, technical jobs, green jobs, research and education jobs and ecotourism Jobs.


Jobs roundtable – Madison Rivergate Area Chamber of Commerce, 9:00 a.m., 50 Forward Madison Station

Jobs roundtable – Gaylord Entertainment, 10:30 a.m., 1 Gaylord Drive, Nashville

Jobs roundtable – Sunset Grill, 1:30 p.m., 2001 Belcourt Avenue, Nashville

Minority business and jobs discussion hosted by Rep. Brenda Gilmore – Swett’s Restaurant 3:00 p.m., 2725 Clifton Avenue, Nashville

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