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Haslam Sprinkles Budget Hearings in Memphis, Knoxville, Capitol

State of Tennessee Press Release; Oct. 26, 2011: 

UT-Knoxville and University of Memphis to host

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam today announced that portions of the Fiscal Year 2012-2013 budget hearings will take place outside of Nashville so that citizens in East and West Tennessee have an opportunity to attend. Hearings will be held in Knoxville and Memphis, which will mark the first time in state history that budget proceedings will occur away from the State Capitol.

Scheduled to begin on November 2, the budget hearings will be streamed live on as in years past to give Tennesseans that are unable to attend accessibility to the budget discussions of each state agency.

“This is an opportunity for Tennesseans to learn more about the state budget and our agencies,” Haslam said. “It is important to engage our citizens in the process of setting priorities and planning for the future. We will continue to approach the budget in a fiscally disciplined way to do more with less while focusing on quality customer service for Tennessee taxpayers.”

Wednesday, November 2 – University of Memphis

1:30-2:30    Safety

2:30-3:00    Labor and Workforce Development

3:30-4:30    Economic and Community Development

4:30-5:00    Financial Institutions

Friday, November 4 – State Capitol

8:30-9:00     Human Resources

9:00-9:30     Revenue

9:30-10:00   General Services

10:30-11:00  Finance and Administration

11:00-11:30   Education Lottery Corporation

1:00-1:30       TBI

1:30-2:00      Military

2:30-3:00      Transportation

3:00-4:00      Human Services

4:00-5:00      Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Tuesday, November 15 – State Capitol

8:30-9:30       Correction

9:30-10:30     Health

11:00-12:00   Mental Health

1:30-2:30        Higher Education

2:30-3:30        Environment and Conservation

3:45-4:15         Commerce and Insurance

Tuesday, November 22 – University of Tennessee-Knoxville

1:30-2:30         K-12 Education

2:30-3:00        Tourist Development

3:30-4:30        Children’s Services

4:30-5:00        Veterans Affairs

5:00-5:30        Agriculture

Monday, November 28 – State Capitol

4:00-5:00        TennCare

Haslam and Finance and Administration Commissioner Mark Emkes will preside. Visit to hear more from Haslam and Emkes on the upcoming budget hearings.

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