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And, They’re Back

Redistricting is expected to dominate lawmakers’ first week back at the Capitol as they consider a set of Republican-drawn maps for state House and Senate and Congressional districts.

House and Senate committees have begin meeting today to consider maps that change the boundaries of their House and Senate districts and lay new lines for Congressional districts, which is done every decade after the U.S. Census.

The committees will begin meeting today to review the maps. Debate will likely be long and heated as the new maps throw 12 Democrats into contested races, in many cases against each other.

The Legislature normally meets until Thursday, but both chambers are prepared to stay longer if needed to OK the new districts.

As legislators get back into the groove, Gov. Bill Haslam is at the ready to unveil his legislative agenda this afternoon. Those priorities are in addition to a plan he announced last week to target crime by increasing jail time for repeat offenders in domestic abuse cases, making it easier for law enforcement to crack down on prescription pill addicts and allowing the Department of Correction to supervise parolees.

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