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Ramsey In ‘Grieving Period’ Following Perry Announcement

 Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey expressed disappointment following news that Texas Gov. Rick Perry will not continue his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

“Obviously the Gingrich people have called me, and the Romney people have called me,” said Ramsey, who was state chairman for Perry. “But I told both of them, there’s kind of a grieving period you have to go through, and get back with me the first of the week, and we’ll figure out where we are, but I don’t know if I want to endorse anybody.”

Ramsey said his enthusiasm for Perry’s candidacy stemmed from the Texas governor’s vocal support for the U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment, which supports the concept of state sovereignty, as well as his record of economic growth in the Lone Star State throughout the recession.

“I think he’s done a fantastic job as governor of the state of Texas,” Ramsey said. “That state has created more jobs than the rest of the country put together in the last few years.”

Ramsey had defended Perry’s steadily declining poll numbers and shaky debate performances, including the much-talked-about “Oops” moment when Perry couldn’t name the third of three federal agencies he would eliminate if elected to the White House.

Nevertheless, Ramsey ultimately attributed Perry’s failed primary campaign to his inability to shine onstage in candidate forums.

“I think in every other aspect he did a fantastic job, whether it’s just retail politics or meeting people who would be impressed by him,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey said that he thinks even Perry would admit “that he was poorly prepared for those first debates,” even though his recent performances have been much better.

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