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Romney Draws Support from House Speaker Harwell, GOP Caucus Chair Maggart

Press Release from the Campaign of Mitt Romney for President, Jan. 20, 2012:

Mitt Romney today announced the support of Beth Harwell, Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives, along with an expanded group of Tennessee legislators working in support of his presidential campaign.

“I am honored to have earned the trust and support of such an outstanding conservative leader as Speaker Beth Harwell, and that of so many other Tennessee legislators who are working hard with her every day to support, and not hamper, the small businesses and entrepreneurs who are growing more jobs for Tennessee and our nation,” Governor Romney said. “I look forward to working with Beth and her colleagues to get our national economy moving again to create even more opportunities for more Tennesseans.”

“As a former Governor and business leader, Mitt Romney is a chief executive who knows how to balance budgets and create more jobs,” Speaker Harwell said. “Just as importantly, Governor Romney knows and is strongly committed to the principle that the states should take the lead on a variety of domestic policy issues which will help us right-size the federal government and protect our Tenth Amendment rights. I strongly support and endorse Mitt Romney for President, and I look forward to working with him to help get America back on the right track.”

Tennessee Elected Officials Joining Speaker Harwell in Endorsing Mitt Romney:

House Republican Caucus Chair Debra Young Maggart – Hendersonville

Rep. Harry Brooks – Knoxville

Rep. Phillip Johnson – Pegram

Tennessee Elected Officials Already Endorsing Mitt Romney:

Governor Bill Haslam

Former Governor Winfield Dunn

Congressman Jimmy Duncan

Congresswoman Diane Black

Congressman Phil Roe

Rep. Curtis Halford – Dyer

Rep. Mike Harrison – Rogersville

Rep. Ryan Haynes – Knoxville

Rep. Julia Hurley – Lenoir City

Rep. Curtis Johnson – Clarksville

Rep. Pat Marsh – Shelbyville

House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick – Chattanooga

Deputy Speaker Steve McDaniel – Parkers Crossroads

Rep. Steve McManus – Cordova

Rep. Richard Montgomery – Sevierville

House Majority Whip Barrett Rich – Somerville

Rep. Charles Sargent – Franklin

Rep. Mark White – Memphis


2 replies on “Romney Draws Support from House Speaker Harwell, GOP Caucus Chair Maggart”

Romney met with David Rockefeller CFR and the members of the Bilderberg group, Rick Perry met with then a couple of time, he flew to Turkey to meet with them.

Obama was the pick and according to Henry Kissinger who is also a member of the Bilderberg group,to usher in the one world order spoken of bu both Bush’s , Clinton and Obama. If you do not know who they are you need to know.

The Bilderberg group and Rockefeller was prepared in case if Obama loeses the election. They had met with Romney and Perry to make sure who ever was elected continue their agenda.

The GOP is either brain dead or they are part of the one world order agenda! America id fed up with the GOP, look at the polls. We started wars and then don’t want to raise tax to pay for them, the GOP wants to use that as an excuse to destroy Social Security and Medicare.

35 foreign countries draw Social security and can retire with full benefits at the age of 62. The GOP started lies way back getting the American people used to hearing Social Security is broke and had t be fixed! The Government owes Social Security over 3 trillion dollars, congress passed a laws in 1990 making it illegal for congress to spend the trust fund!

Every person except Ron Paul running for President are pushing the same agenda, Big business does not want to pay their part of the FICA which is social security and medicare.

If you do not know what the one world order is, you should Obama speaks of it every time he goes oberseas. If you don’t know about the Bilderberg group as a politician you should. They are made up of the richest old people around a dozen, they own the major net works, they destroy economies and start wars. The own the presidents Bush included, they own Boehner, McConnel,McCain,Reid and more.

Obama if he can get on the ballet in Georgia and several other states will win the election, not because he is good, because the people we sent to Washington are liars and can not be trusted.

As a conservative I can say Romney is a good example of poor judgement on the part of the GOP!

Our party is in trouble, it has become a cesspool of corruption in Washington , our state has restored our party on a state level. Keep up the good work and check out the fact before you vote. We did not elect you as a team player, we elected you to take a stand for the people who put you in office.

We are working for the 2012 elections, we watched McCain give Romney the kiss of death!

We have heard the OP might try to get Jed Bush, a bad mistake. Bush gave Lehman Brother 750 billion because Jed worked there. They went broke anyway, what happened to the money, did Jed get his part.

When Bush one was President, Jed Bush got loans from the small business, they filed bankruptcy and ripped them and us off for two million.

Jed Bush can not beat Obama and he like George W, will take orders from their dad who we tried to get rid of.

The first Bush made the statement, If only the American people knew what the Bush’s did to them, the truth will come out!

Our party , what happened to you.

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