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VIDEO: Taxpayers vs. Transparency? Give-and-Take with the Guv

A Gov. Bill Haslam-backed legislative proposal to offer secrecy to businesses applying for millions of dollars in state grants is up for a vote in the Senate Thursday.

Last week in Nashville during the Tennessee Press Association’s Winter Convention, Elenora Edwards, managing editor of TPA’s statewide trade publication, took the governor to task somewhat on that and other transparency-curbing administration initiatives.

Check out their exchange:

2 replies on “VIDEO: Taxpayers vs. Transparency? Give-and-Take with the Guv”

As someone who works in TV and does reporting to the public, I think Gov. Haslam should be more open. When I, as a citizen of Tennessee, wants to find out anything in Government , I should be allowed to get it. I agree I should be direct in what I want. But the public needs to know what the Government is doing, remember it is the PUBLIC CITIZENS that elected you to that position and it is OUR TAX DOLLARS that pay your salary.

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