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Faulk Not Seeking Re-election, Cites Family, Business as Reasons

Press release from Senate Republican Caucus; March 8, 2012:

(Nashville, TN) March 8, 2012 – Senator Mike Faulk announced today during one of his Student Town Hall meetings that he will not be a candidate for reelection to the State Senate.

“My ailing mother and my business need me more than the Senate needs me. Most folks understand the need to care for a gravely ill parent,” Faulk said. “Being at her side is a higher priority of mine than campaigning for reelection for the next 8 months.”

In regard to his business, Faulk added: “For the past three years, having time to work in my business after first doing my Senate responsibilities has been a struggle. As a solo attorney, I need to work much, much more over the next four years to keep my business going.”

Faulk also noted his term-limits pledge was a part of his decision. “As Candidate Faulk, I told folks I’d serve a term or two. I’ll be keeping that promise by becoming Citizen Faulk,” said the Senator.

“Serving in the State Senate has been the highest honor of my lifetime. Every single day I’ve learned something new about the special privilege I’ve been given. I will be eternally grateful for that privilege,” Senator Faulk added.

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