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Faulk Refining Guns-in-Lots Bill

Gov. Bill Haslam told reporters Wednesday that a long-gestating guns-in-lots proposal would “find a lot more favor” with his administration if it more closely resembled similar legislation in Georgia.

Sen. Mike Faulk’s SB3002 would prohibit employers from enacting policies that ban workers from storing firearms in their cars on company lots. The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday delayed action after Faulk referred to a few tweaks he’d be making to the bill.

A companion bill, SB2992, that would prohibit “employment discrimination based on an applicant or current employee’s ownership, storage, transportation or posession of a firearm.” The Senate’s commerce committee delayed action on the legislation Tuesday and it is still awaiting a vote in a House subcommittee.

Faulk told TNReport Wednesday that amendments were finished, but hadn’t been filed.

“Both bills are pared back to cover gun permit carry holders only, so it isn’t nearly as broad in scope as the original bill,” he said. “I believe the second amendment exempts nuclear facilities. Those are the only two I’ve seen, and at this point, the only two I expect to file.”

Representatives from the state attorney general’s office appeared before the committee Tuesday to present the AG’s opinion, stating that the legislation is constitutionally defensible.

“While there is limited case law on this issue and a difference of opinion among commentators, two courts in other jurisdictions have upheld bills similar to SB3002 against constitutional challenges,” the opinion stated.

In Georgia, a similar law contains multiple exceptions, including one allowing for such prohibitions in cases where the employer is also the property owner. The long list of exemptions in the law has lead some to question its true effect.

The Tennessee Firearms Association, which has been a thorn in the side of Republicans throughout the conservative-on-conservative debate, released a statement Wednesday suggesting that further delays and changes to the legislation could lead firearm owners to oppose the bill completely. The release called Faulk’s amendments “nothing but appeasement by these Republican leaders to the “Golden Goose” of corporate money.”

Told of the TFA’s comments, Faulk said he hadn’t seen the comments.

“But, if they’ve not seen my amendments, I would say that’s a little premature,” he said.

7 replies on “Faulk Refining Guns-in-Lots Bill”

Amendments are on the horizon. Perhaps they are good tweaks but if they are what is summarized in this news article then it may be time to consider whether to say “no thanks” and start over in 2013. Yep, Beth Harwell was right when she said that the Republican Caucus is 100% supportive of the 2nd Amendment. Just imagine how much controversy and rhetoric would be flying around if they were only 90%!!!

As someone who travels over 30 minutes to work and drive through high crime areas, I have the right to defend myself when and if the need arises. But with my employer having a policy not allowing employees to have their firearms in their own personal vehicle, sadly I can not. The question that I have is since my employer will not allow me to have my weapon with me on their lot, then I can not have it while traveling to and from work (which is my own personal time); Will the employer be held financially responsible when and if something occurs and I was unable to defend myself? If they want to pay me to drive to and from work, which of course will make them responsible (worker’s comp) then I am happily comply. I want to be able to defend myself. The state legislature should pass the resolutions endorsed by the TFA as they are the only ones that truly support the Second Amendment rights of all Tennesseans.

Quite trying to take away our 2nd Amend. rights. If you don’t support our 2nd amend. rights you will not be reelected

Stop trying to take away our 2nd Amensd. rights!!! If you don’t support our 2nd Amend. rights we will not reelect you.

[…] As expected, SB3002 was amended so that it only covers gun carry permit holders. Sen. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville, further amended the bill to include licensed hunters over 21. Another amendment added exemptions for single-family homes, nuclear facilities and United States Department of Energy sites, such as one in Oak Ridge. […]

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