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Ramsey Against Guns-In-Lots Protections for Hunters

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said he supports allowing gun carry permit holders to keep their firearms in their vehicles at work, as SB3002 would do, but that broadening that permission to licensed hunters goes too far.

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said Thursday he believes the advancing guns-in-lots legislation goes “too far” as it’s currently written.

He spoke to reporters at his weekly media availability about Sen. Mike Faulk’s bill, SB3002, which moved out of a Senate committee earlier this week and is headed to the Senate floor. The bill, which would allow employees to store firearms in their cars parked on company lots, was amended so that it applied only to gun carry permit holders and licensed hunters aged 21 or older.

“I do think they go too far, and I’m as big of a Second Amendment rights person that’s ever lived,” Ramsey said. “But I think expanding it to hunting licenses — even though I can see why they did that — but that’s something that doesn’t need to be done. It needs to be gun carry permit holders only.”

Sen. Beverly Marrero, D-Memphis, and others at the committee meeting Tuesday questioned the level of training and expertise necessary for a person to obtain a hunter’s license. While the meeting was going on, an Associated Press reporter purchased a license online for $27.

Ramsey said he’s never had a “philosophical struggle” like the current one, between property rights and Second Amendment rights, both of which are traditional pillars of the Republican party.

“The [National Rifle Association] and I are on different sides on this, right now,” he said. “That’s highly unusual for me, of course, but they want to go much further than I do.”

Still, he said he believes differences among legislators will be worked out and that he expects to see amendments proposed on the Senate floor.

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[…] (by Faulk). That report, from several sources, might be confirmed by 2 additional facts. First, Lt. Gov. Ramsey telling that he opposed the amendment by Sen. Campfield and approved by the Senate Judiciary that hunters […]

As I stated in my earlier comment he would make a good sidekick for Oboma and that goes for Haslam too.They made us believe they were for all of our gun rights !!This is like the deomocrats saying I was for it before I was aganist it,Well we will not forget when elections come around again!!

[…] at Lt. Gov. Ramsey himself. After all, the Lt. Gov. was videoed by recently voicing his objections to including Tennessee’s hunters in the Senate version of the bill even though that issue was considered, debated and soundly […]

I disagree with Lt Gov. Ramsey. Many hunters hunt before and after work so having the option to have their weapon secured in their private vehicle should be considered. With the continuing rise of fuel cost, the average consumer can’t afford to drive multiple directions only to pick up or drop off a weapon. I make good living but these fuel cost have definately limited my traveling to hunt across the midstate. A simple solution would be added to the bill that would require a valid hunting license and a hunter education card. Weapons cased and stored seperate of ammunition. Also, obviously hunting season must be open at the time anyone is in possession of a hunting weapon on private property in a parking lot. Too easy! If this isn’t satisfactory, then how about decreasing state fuel taxes? Just remember, hunters add a huge amount of revenue to the state and local economies so I suggest careful consideration befoe the final vote on ths bill.

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