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TSEA ‘Now in a Position’ to Cooperate With, Support TEAM Act

Press release from the Tennessee State Employees Association; April 4, 2012:

NASHVILLE – Yesterday the House Finance Committee passed an amended version of the TEAM Act on to the Calendar and Rules committee and eventually to the House floor for a full vote. After months of negotiations with Governor Haslam’s administration and with legislative leaders in both houses regarding the Governor’s TEAM act, many of TSEA’s concerns were considered and addressed through amendments to the bill.

“There were many complicated issues to work out and, after a final round of negotiations initiated by our President, Phil Morson, the administration agreed to compromise on a number of TSEA’s key concerns. Therefore we are now in a position to cooperate by offering our support for the bill in its amended form,” said Robert O’Connell, TSEA’s Executive Director.

Under the bill as amended yesterday, state employees will see a modified recall list, the retention of seniority as an important factor in layoff policy, and a layoff notice policy that retains the 90 day notice period until October 1, 2012, then shifts it to 60 days until January 1, 2014, at which point it shifts to 30 days. The amended bill also includes an opportunity for TSEA to be involved in the establishment of a new performance evaluation system for state employees by the Department of Human Resources (DOHR). In addition, an amendment was added ensuring that all state employees will be eligible to receive merit pay under objective standards that will be established by DOHR.

“These negotiations have been a slow and gradual process, but in the end we were successful in getting many amendments included that contain provisions important to state employees and we will continue to monitor this legislation as it is implemented,” said Phil Morson, TSEA President.

A complete list of improvements negotiated in to the bill can be found on TSEA’s website at

TSEA is a nonprofit association existing to provide a strong unified voice with which it advocates the work-related interests of members. The attainment of association objectives will ensure a better life for our members and will attract and retain an effective, efficient state workforce to provide services for all Tennesseans. TSEA was established in 1974. For further information, visit the Web site at

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