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Ramsey: TEAM Act Passage ‘Incontrovertible Proof that it Matters Who Governs’

Statement from Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey; April 24, 2012:

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey made the following statement after the signing of Senate Bill 2246 — commonly known as the Tennessee Excellence Accountability and Management (TEAM) Act — by Gov. Haslam

“Tennesseans gave Republicans a mandate to transform state government into an efficient, transparent entity that puts a premium on customer service. The state will now have the ability to hire, promote and retain the best and brightest, finally giving Tennesseans the government they deserve. By taking on the third rail of Tennessee politics, Gov. Haslam and our Republican majority have succeeded on ground where our predecessors feared to tread. This landmark reform is incontrovertible proof that it matters who governs.”

One reply on “Ramsey: TEAM Act Passage ‘Incontrovertible Proof that it Matters Who Governs’”

Yes, Tennesseans did give Republicans a mandate but not one of “transformation”; what most of us wanted was a restoration – a restoration to government BY THE PEOPLE and one that adhered to our founding principles that placed the needs and wishes and RIGHTS of THE PEOPLE ahead of big business and their PAC money.

What we got were not the servant-leaders we needed and were promised…what we got were typical politicians and a corrupt leadership headed by the big three (Gov. Haslam, Lt. Gov. Ramsey and Speaker Harwell) and power grabber (Rep. Maggart) using authority she didn’t have to kill bills she and the big three didn’t want an honest debate on.

All of you need to be looking for a new job; unfortunately we have to put up with most of you for a while yet BUT I suspect at least one of you will be going home soon and good riddance.

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