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TFA Still Itching for House GOP to Call ‘Guns-in-Parking-Lots’ Bill to Floor

Press Release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; April 24, 2012: 

House Calendar Improperly Sends Safe Commute to Summer Study

On a vote of 15 to 8, the House Calendar Committee has sent the Safe Commute bill (HB3560) to “summer study” which kills it unless the House Floor votes with a 2/3 margin to recall the bill. Once again, House Leadership trying to kill the bill with minimal recorded votes.

This is an outrage because this committee has no, none, jurisdiction over the merits of the bill. It has one job, to move a bill in an orderly fashion to the floor.

It is important to understand that the defeat of this important legislation is at the hands of the House Republican leadership and, from news reports, working with the cooperation of Senate Republican leadership and at the insistence of Gov. Haslam.

However, it is equally important to understand that the House Republican leadership serves at all times at the pleasure of the House Republican caucus. The caucus, as a whole, therefore holds the blame for failing to adequately demand that House Republican leadership bring this bill to the floor for a vote on the merits.

The House Republican caucus can still address this failure on its part by making a recall motion (Rule 53) on the floor of the House this week. It will be interesting to see if they have the will to do so.

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