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TNGOP: Stewart’s Opposition to State’s ‘Health Freedom Act’ Shows He Supports Obamacare

Press release from the Tennessee Republican Party; June 26, 2012:

NASHVILLE, TN – On Thursday, the United States Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, commonly referred to as ‘ObamaCare.’

Just last year, Democrat Senator Eric Stewart voted against the “Tennessee Health Freedom Act” which gives Tennesseans the freedom to choose or to decline to choose health insurance without penalty or threat of penalty (SB 0079 by Beavers 2/23/11). Stewart’s vote against this bill was a vote in favor of ObamaCare and its mandate to require all Tennesseans to buy health insurance.

“Since announcing his bid for Congress, Eric Stewart has been suspiciously silent on his support for ObamaCare in the legislature, and Tennessee voters are asking, ‘Where does Eric stand?’” said Tennessee Republican Party Executive Director Adam Nickas.

“Will Eric Stewart continue to be in lockstep with Barack Obama and continue to support federal mandates on Americans this week, or will he backtrack and try to change his position, knowing voters in the 4th District will be watching? Either way, Stewart can no longer cower in a corner and hide from this important issue.

“As a candidate for Congress, Eric Stewart needs to answer some very simple questions before Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling- Does he think ObamaCare and federal mandates are unconstitutional? Will he continue to support ObamaCare and its mandate no matter what the Supreme Court rules? Tennessee voters deserve to have these questions answered,” concluded Nickas.

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