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Norris Sets Sights On Passing Health Care Compact in ’13

Statement from Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris, R-Collierville; June 28, 2012:

Statement from Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris regarding the U.S. Supreme Court Decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

(NASHVILLE, TN), June 28, 2012 — This is one of the most important decisions by the Supreme Court in our lifetime,” said Leader Norris.

“State’s rights, individual liberties and our ability to defend against governmental infringement of those rights have all been impacted in various ways.”

“As the State Senator responsible for passing a balanced budget each year, my first order of business is to determine the impact on our health care system and public resources. The Court’s remarkably expansive read on the federal government’s authority to tax is alarming. But the Court also recognized States’ rights to resist a further reach into our pockets. Perhaps next year our efforts to enact the Health Care Compact will finally succeed.”

“Unless and until Congress repeals the Act, our ability to interpret this complex ruling in such a way as to protect the taxpayer while preserving essential care is of utmost importance.”

Immediately following release of today’s ruling, Senator Norris undertook to confer with Administration officials concerning a future course of action.

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