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TN Conservation Voters Releases Legislative Scorecard

Press release from Tennessee Conservation Voters; June 25, 2012:

Nashville, TN (Aug., 2012)- Tennessee Conservation Voters, a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of Tennessee’s environment, announces the release of its 10th annual Legislative Scorecard. The TCV scorecard is published to provide a clear and concise way to understand and evaluate each legislator’s voting record on key legislation in 2012.

TCV board president Mary Helen Clarke explains:

“For a decade TCV has been publishing this scorecard on state environmental votes. We think it is unique on the state level because, in addition to tracking the issues that have the public’s attention, we try to reflect patterns of support or opposition for the issues that matter over time.”

Longtime TCV board member Daniel Boone notes:

We work hard to quantify legislative votes and sponsorships in an objective way. The 2012 TCV Scorecard demonstrates that this was a mixed year for environmental law and policy in Tennessee. We had some important victories in 2012, including the continuation of Conservation Land Funding for the protection of wetlands, parks and farmland. But it’s disappointing that legislators were not willing to consider and vote on some of the most important issues – like mountain top removal coal mining.”

The top-ranked Senators on the scorecard were Beverly Marrero, Eric Stewart and Andy Berke.

The top-ranked Representatives were Brenda Gilmore, Mike Kernell, Mike McDonald, Mike Stewart and Jeanne Richardson.

To see an electronic version of the Scorecard, visit our website at and click on the TCV News section. To receive a printed copy of this year’s Scorecard, please contact our office at: (615) 269-9090 or

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