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TFA: List of Financial Backers Show Maggart Supported by Big Business

Press release from Tennessee Firearms Association; July 9, 2012: 

As reported earlier today, incumbent Debra Maggart appears to be in a tidal wash with her campaign as the NRA’s political action committee report was filed on Friday, July 6 and showed a commitment of $75,000 to support Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers and to work for Maggart own defeat and demise as an elected official.

As also reported, Maggart appears to have quickly responded to the NRA’s efforts to protect Tennesseans from her by attacking the involvement of the NRA in Tennessee elections. As an aside, that attack is by its very presence an anomaly since practically every Republican running for office covets the endorsement of the NRA and Maggart herself has proudly proclaimed that she is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

So, when the NRA’s level of interest in her defeat became public knowledge, Maggart reportedly released this email (redacted) to other House Republicans:

With few days remaining in the Primary, I wanted to share an item with you.
According to this most recent 2nd Quarter disclosure, the NRA is going to spend $75,000 against me, and only made one contribution to a member of this Caucus.
It is our duty to protect ALL the rights of Tennesseans, not just a select few deemed higher by one organization or another. We must not allow political groups to bully us into making bad public policy. We must be courageous enough to make the right decisions. The people of our districts deserve nothing less.

I am prepared for this fight and consider this a fight on behalf of you, thoughtful conservatives here in Tennessee, and the conservative principles that have made our state so great.
We have said all along “It matters who governs.” The last two years have been some of the most successful Tennessee has ever had, building off previous victories for conservative principle.
We are hardly finished.
But allowing a group to try and dominate our agenda from Washington–of all places–would be counterproductive to say the least.

* * *

Note specifically the two sentences in BOLD. Note Maggart’s claim that the involvement of political groups and the dangers it poses.

Now, keep in mind that the NRA, and the TFA, and GOA, and NAGR, and JFPO and numerous others are all organizations of members who have an interest in promotion and protection of the constitutional rights of the citizens. These are not some autonomous business interests that make decisions independent of the constitutions and the rights or interests of their members. These are organizations that all exist to promote and protect the same constitution that Debra Maggart has sworn several times as an elected representative that she would defend and protection.

Now, let’s look at who Debra Maggart values and where her support lies. Debra Maggart had a fund raiser on May 23. She sent out a list essentially bragging about the $2,500 per entity contributions that the “hosts” had made to this single event. Who were her financial backers at this event? How many exist support and protect the constitutional rights of citizens? Let’s see:


Adams & Reese LLP
Bivens & Associates
Farrar & Bates LLP
Lyell Law Firm
Farris Mathews Branan Bobango, PLC
Johnson Poss Government Relations
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
McMahan Winstead
RobinsonGreen LLC
Students First
TN Bankers Association
TN Business Roundtable
TN Medical Association
TN Chamber of Commerce
TN Health Care Association
TN Hospital Association
TN Retail Association
Smith Harris & Carr

What is clear is that organizations that exist to protect and promote your constitutional rights are supporting Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers in the battle to defeat incumbent Debra Maggart in the August 2 primary. Entities and organizations which seek primarily “Big Business” legislation, however, like Debra Maggart and want her back. Only one of those groups puts the constitutional rights of citizens first and its not the group backing Debra Maggart.

Compare the two lists against Debra Maggart’s declaration:

“But allowing a group to try and dominate our agenda

from Washington–of all places–

would be counterproductive to say the least.”

Looking at what Debra says and measuring it in light of those who she herself promotes as her financial backers makes her statement about being “counterproductive” humorous – if it were not such a dangerous risk to the freedoms and liberties of the citizens of this state.

You just cannot make this stuff up…..

2 replies on “TFA: List of Financial Backers Show Maggart Supported by Big Business”

If Tennesseans value their constitutional rights, they will work hard to replace Maggart with Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers. VOTE FOR LT. COL. COURTNEY ROGERS!

Amen Ben! Maggart has served notice on “we the people” not only with the 2nd amendment but issues such as blocking the Healthcare Compact, embracing sharia law, turning a blind eye to forced annexation, which violates property rights. Maggart failed to help close a loop hole in state law Chapter 1101 to ensure that cities such as Hendersonville provide plans of services as per state law in lieu of paying city taxes. Maggart knew back in 2009 that the current H-ville mayor has been illegally annexing land while hundreds of families were left behind in 10 dark subdivisions, so they are not “safe and sound” while crime steadily increases here. Maggart refuses to do anything about it because this issue conflicts with her special interests (ie the developer) who was “very supportive of her campaign” . I am so glad more people are wide awake to the fact that Maggart must go! Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers is an amazing woman with a true heart of a servant. Unlike the incumbent, Courtney has served our country for 28 years, defending our Constitution, so we won’t have to worry about losing our rights. VOTE COURTNEY. BE A VOLUNTEER. SPREAD THE WORD!

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