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TFA: Maggart Supports ‘Right to Life’, not ‘Right to Defend Your Life’

Press release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; July 13, 2012: 

Debra Maggart, incumbent Republican in District 45 in Sumner County has sent out this communication:

Dear Friends,

Early Voting started today and I wanted to share a bit of good news with you. I have been endorsed by TN Right to Life and am the only candidate in this district that has been.

I am so honored to have their endorsement and am proud to have fought for the conservative values that we share. As the House sponsor of SJR127, I have long fought for the pro-life cause and am thrilled that our Constitutional Amendment will be on the ballot soon.

Thank you for the honor of serving you. I hope you will go vote during early voting, and I would appreciate your vote. This is an important election and voting early is a great way to beat the long lines that you will encounter on election day.



It is ironic, if not sad, that she claims to be a strong supporter of “right to life” when her voting record on the Safe Commute act demonstrates that her support does not extent to your right to defend your life….

Since her actions speak louder than her words and in light of her premediated attack on the Safe Commute act because that is what her business “handlers” wanted her to do, one must ask

Would Debra Maggart vote for “right to life” if Federal Express opposed it?

Based on her unwillingness to protect your right of self-defense commuting to and from work, the answer most clearly is no.

For Maggart, all rights, including the right to life, are clearly for sale to the highest bidder….

Early voting is under way. Join with other citizens across this state and work to defeat Debra Maggart, stop her unjust reliance on per diems payments for expenses she does not incur and send a message to other elected officials that the Citizens of Tennessee demand honesty, accountability and stewardship of those in public office.

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