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Elam Campaign Gets No Response from Lynn on Debate Invite

Press release from State Rep. Linda Elam, R-Mt. Juliet; July 23, 2012: 

Poor Voting Record Probably the Reason

State Representative Linda Elam issued a debate challenge last week to her opponent, Susan Lynn, in hopes to provide the voters of Wilson County an opportunity to hear from the candidates on the issues. The challenge was sent by certified mail to Lynn’s home in District 46 and to the email address on file with the Registry of Election Finance. The email bounced back. Lynn doesn’t appear to have a current email on file so the invitation was then sent to two email addresses found on her web site.

Representative Elam asked for a reply from Lynn by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 19. Included with the challenge were several ways she could reach Elam. So far no there has been no response from Lynn.

“I want to know what Susan Lynn has to hide and why won’t she make herself available for a face-to-face debate in front of the voters of Wilson County,” asked Elam. “I guess she’s afraid to address why she supports toll roads in Tennessee, illegals obtaining drivers certificates and why she ran up the state budget by 10 billion dollars when she was in the state house.”

“Originally my opponent and her small team of supporters called everything I said a “lie.” When they realized that telling the truth about her record was getting people’s attention, she went on-line and issued extremely lengthy “explanations” in which she admitted to voting the way I had said she did but tried to minimize their impact. When she discovered that the voters were not buying her self-serving “explanations” for her votes, she went back to calling everything I say a “lie,” said Elam. “How can what I say be a lie if she’s already admitted to voting the way I said she did?”

“Lynn is depriving the people of Wilson County an opportunity to see both candidates face-to-face in a debate of the issues,” said Elam. “District 57 deserves a representative who will put herself out there and allow the voters to make their own judgment. The only candidate in this race who will do so is LINDA ELAM.”

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