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TFA Encourages Supporters of Gun Rights to Campaign for Lt. Col. Rogers

Press release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; July 23, 2012: 

Debra Maggart is the number one race in Tennessee this year for those of us who see a necessity in reclaiming state government from those who pretend to be constitutionally based conservatives. Incumbent Maggart has lined up Gov. Haslam, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and “Lear Jet” loads of Big Business operatives to support her claim that she is “entitled” to be re-elected.

Voters need to stand up to these interests and say, “No, Debra, you are not entitled.”

As a member or supporter of TFA, you are being given an opportunity to give one morning, or for some one more morning, of your time to engage and make a difference to help Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers who is running in the 45th District for State Representative against Debra Maggart.

Even though many of us can’t vote in the 45th District, we as individuals and as a grassroots group can help in this race to elect Lt. Col. Rogers to change Tennessee’s Capital Hill. Grassroots organizations across Tennessee, including TFA, Tea Party groups, the Tennessee Republican Assembly and the NRA with its 100,000+ members in the state are joining forces to focus specifically on electing Lt. Col. Rogers and defeating Debra Maggart. Defeating not just Debra Maggart but also making a public and specific example of her and what she stands for in terms of a condescending, “for sale” legislator.

We must demand constitutional leadership from all elected officials including those in state and local leadership. What we are seeing is too many legislators place too much value on the money that they think gets them re-elected and too little value on their oaths to uphold and strengthen the constitutions, or the rights vested and protected, therein.

TFA has or will invest over $15,000 in the race to elect Lt. Col. Rogers and defeat Maggart. Many TFA members have already driven from as far as Memphis to come work “on the ground” to knock doors and speak with local voters.

Saturday July 28 is the last Saturday before the primary. This is a call to action for all TFA members and supporters to come and spend a day, even a few hours if that is all you have, to help this citizen patriot veteran candidate prevail in this battle that has at its very core the fact that too many in the General Assembly, including Debra Maggart herself, are for sale to the highest bidder and have all but abandoned the constitutional oath that they took when first elected.

Gather a car load and car pool, bus, RV, pick-up truck, motorcycle caravan or even by horseback, just get to Goodlettsville on Saturday July 28th for a pre-election sign waving day. Wear your TFA shirts and hats. If you do not have them, we should have some available that morning. Bring water and other items for a few hours as a volunteer.

There will be a group, probably being directed by Mike Rogers, in the parking lot at “Big K” at 230 Long Hollow Pike, Goodlettsville, Tennessee that will be organizing the volunteers that morning. Arrive as early as possible but any time between 9:00am and 1:00pm to get location assignments, signs and push cards. You will be assigned to an intersection or other location from that point.

Please RSVP to johnharris AT so that we can advise the campaign how many 2nd Amendment supporters to expect.

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