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TFA: Maggart ‘Like King George’ — Denies TN Citizens Representative Gov’t

Press release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; July 23, 2012: 

In her newest (delusional) video, incumbent Debra Maggart claims that her vote to kill the Safe Commute act (HB3560 and HB3559) was note a vote against a 2nd Amendment issue. She takes a shot or two at the NRA as well.

Debra is either intentionally misrepresenting the EFFECT of sending a bill to “summer study” at the end of a 2 year legislative cycle or she is simply lying in hopes that the voters are too stupid to know the truth. Those with experience around the legislature know that “summer study” is a misleading way of killing many bills that the leadership does not want to see debated on the floor. It is a means of defeating a bill without a paper trail that clearly says so. Its not a “no” vote – it is a vote that simply tells the sponsor – “When pigs fly ….” or “When Hell freezes over….” or perhaps in this case “When Debra tells the truth ….” because all three are about the same effect.

If it was in fact set to be heard in “summer study”in 2012 – when was that meeting held or when is it scheduled to be held? At this time, there is no evidence to indicate that the “summer study” vote resulted in any actual summer study or findings. It was not supposed to because legislators and lobbyists know that such things seldom occur.

The fact is that Debra Maggart is lying. She told TFA in 2011 that these bills would not be heard for a floor vote because of her concerns that passing 2nd Amendment legislation would be bad for Republicans in an election year. That means, she places partisan power above the constitution and the lives of hard working Tennesseans.

The fact is that Debra Maggart is lying because she was also concerned that allowing a floor vote would mean that the bill would have passed on the floor and that would have caused her problems with the Big Business interests, like Federal Express, who have donated huge sums of money to the Republican leaders to “purchase” their influence.

The fact is that if Debra Maggart thought there was any 2nd Amendment context – much less self-defense rights – to this legislation, she could have brought it to the floor for a vote. She could have offered amendments. It could have been debated on the floor. The fact is that none of this was done and the effect of that was that most Tennesseans were denied the right to have their voices heard on this legislation by denying their elected representatives and senators the opportunity to vote on this legislation (which had 30 House sponsors) on the floor. The fact is that Debra Maggart – like King George – has denied many citizens in Tennessee the constitutional right to a representative form of government and she has done so for partisan power and campaign money.

Pay close attention when around the 30 second spot, Debra Maggart claims she support the intent of the bill but then at approximately the 50 second spot she claims that the bill is bad because it is a mandate on property owners. What Debra Maggart simplistic mind misses is that this bill is not an either/or on rights of citizens but a balancing of self-defense rights (which have a priority) and property rights (of the car’s owner and the land owner).

The fact is that Debra Maggart has trouble not only with the truth but trouble apparently even with reading comprehension. In a news report in May, Maggart made the following blatantly false statement concerning the effect of the Safe Commute law. This is the link to the news report from May 31, 2012.

“Property rights and gun rights are very important to the Republican party,” she said. “What happened is that some of the gun advocacy groups felt very strongly that we needed to pass a bill that was a very broad bill. The way that gun reads, you could carry a gun right now to the nursery of this hospital and there’s nothing (officials) can do about it to stop you…The last line of the bill says every citizen can carry a gun wherever they want in this state. I don’t know if you want felons to do that, probably not.

Maggart’s claims then that the Safe Commute law would allow carrying guns “to the nursery of [a] hospital” or that it would allow citizens to carry guns “wherever they want in this state” or that it would allow felons to carry guns are all false. The bill was short and simply written. If Maggart was lying about what the bill meant, then she is a bold liar. If Maggart really thought that this is what the bill meant then Tennessean’s cannot afford to have someone so functionally illiterate writing or voting on legislation.

If Debra Maggart cannot be honest with citizens about what the effect of a “summer study” vote means or what the effect of a bill is, she cannot be trusted with being returned to the legislature. We have enough liars in government, we need to be removing them – not rewarding them.

2 replies on “TFA: Maggart ‘Like King George’ — Denies TN Citizens Representative Gov’t”

I must disagree a bit…I don’t believe Representative Maggart is diffusional at all; I believe she knows exactly what she is saying and that it’s 100% Bovine Scatology (emphasis on the “B” and the “S”)….in other words, she is LYING and knows it and hopes the people of District 45 are too stupid to realize it.

Robert, well said! You took the words right out of my mouth. Maggart lies so much that she does not even know or care about the truth anymore, which is a SICKNESS. (Do we want “sick” people making decisions that impact our lives? Heck, no!) In previous posts, I have described Maggart as a HABITUAL LIAR. But wondered is, Maggart a HABITUAL LIAR, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR or BOTH? I did a quick search and found this interesting gem that should make all the people in District #45 very concerned. Note that I only replaced the word “he” with “she” in the following description to serve as a reminder why of Maggart must go:

“It’s like the difference between a social drinker and an alcoholic. One knows what SHE is doing and the other doesn’t care what SHE is doing because SHE has no ability to care. A habitual liar may lie for self esteem reasons but a pathological liar lies because it will get HER to a result and that is all that matters no matter who it hurts. One can feel and knows better and the other never developed the ability to care about anyone and so learns to be charming to get what SHE wants. A pathological liar is charming and tries to get you to feel sorry for HER. That is the hook that SHE sinks into you, charm and pity. Once SHE has you hooked SHE looks for your vulnerable places, and these may be places you don’t even realize. A pathological liar takes you for all SHE can get and in the end says that stinging line to try to make you feel it was your fault for showing HER/sharing with HER/ giving HER the information SHE needed to destroy you. The only real protection you have against a pathological liar is to beware of someone who uses both charm and pity to get your attention. If you meet someone like this run like hell.”

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