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TFA: Maggart a Business-Interest Favorite

Press release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; July 26, 2012: 

Debra Maggart is lacking endorsements of those who perhaps know her best — except for those who know that she is “for sale” to the highest bidders

With about a week to go before the August 2 primary, incumbent Debra Maggart appears to be losing it. She has resorted to clear and intentional lies about her opponent (See the Steve Gill show bonus hour from July 25). She has reportedly also started to request that other Republican caucus members give her their money so that she can spend more in her effort to mislead the public into voting for her.

Let’s take a quick look at who the money sources are behind the effort to re-elect Debra Maggart. Its primarily business interests – interests that, unlike the TFA and the NRA, are not comprised of citizens nor represent the interests of voters.

Indeed, as of July 25, Maggart lists a very small number of endorsements on her web site:

Maggart’s May fund raiser proudly proclaimed these $2500 sponsors:

  • Adams & Reese LLP
  • AT&T
  • Bivens & Associates
  • FedEx
  • Farrar & Bates LLP
  • Lyell Law Firm
  • Farris Mathews Branan Bobango, PLC
  • Johnson Poss Government Relations
  • Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
  • McMahan Winstead
  • RobinsonGreen LLC
  • Students First
  • TN Bankers Association
  • TN Business Roundtable
  • TN Medical Association
  • TN Chamber of Commerce
  • Comcast
  • TN Health Care Association
  • TN Hospital Association
  • TN Retail Association
  • Smith Harris & Carr

But let’s look at those who would potentially know her best, other government officials. Maggart lists endorsements, not surprisingly of only 5. Two of those are her peers in the House Republican caucus and the other 3 also had their hands all over the efforts to deny Tennesseans the capacity to commute safely to and from work.

  • Gov. Bill Haslam
  • Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey
  • House Speaker Beth Harwell
  • Republican Majority Leader Gerald Mccormick
  • Senate Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron

It is an amazingly short and suspicious list. Each of those endorsements by these 5 individuals carry with them the inference that they also are seeking cover for the fact that they collectively conspired to not just kill the Safe Commute legislation but that they also denied substantially all Tennesseans the right to have their voices heard on this legislation by having full floor debates on this legislation in both houses.

That fact cannot be disregarded – the fact that these “rulers” by abuse of their “positional powers” have denied most in this state of the right to have their own elected officials, in the House and the Senate, involved in a public debate and vote on whether their rights of self-defense would be protected or impaired by the legislature. The citizen’s right of a representative government is one of the foundations on which this Country went to war with England but yet these six individuals (and probably others) are perfectly comfortable in denying each of us that foundational civil right.

Now, contrast Maggart’s questionable endorsement from her co-conspirators with what is happening in other “hot” races. Take the race between incumbent Linda Elam and former legislator Susan Lynn. Incumbent Elam claims that she has “the support of 58 Republican House members, including the Speaker and Majority Leader and all of the Republican Caucus officers!”

Interesting, Linda Elam advertises that 58 of the Republican House members (there are only 64) are supporting her. Assuming that she is telling the truth, it really raises serious questions about how many of Maggart’s Republican caucus peers are supporting her because she only names 2.

Of course, knowing Maggart, as soon as this alert circulates, she will either lie or twist the arms of at least 59 caucus members to get their “support” or “endorsement”. We have to expect it because if she will intentionally lie about how a simple state form was completed by her opposition, we have to assume she has or will lie about anything else.

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