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TFA: Maggart Lying About Record of Gun-Rights Support

Press release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; August 1, 2012: 

Debra Maggart’s “right” to be re-election in serious doubt

A few weeks ago, Debra Maggart told the Tennessean (that story appears to be off line now but is referenced on other news sites) that Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers was not a “legitimate challenger”. Regardless of the outcome on Thursday, Maggart cannot make that claim now as she has been attacked by practically every grassroots organization interested in the 2nd Amendment in the last 2 months – viciously. All of this citizen based grassroots support is solidly aligned behind and working to for Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers.

It appears Maggart did not in truth take the Rogers race seriously until perhaps mid July. At that point, it appears Maggart has made an all out effort to defend her seat on one lie. Maggart is running an ad campaign that claims Rogers inappropriate answered “none” on a candidate disclosure form which asked if she had been “discharged” from bankruptcy in the preceding 5 years. Rogers answered truthful because her business related bankruptcy was almost 7 years prior at the time. 7 is more than 5 to most “fifth graders” but not to Debra Maggart.

This past week, another national organization has joined the effort to elect Lt. Col. Rogers and defeat Debra Maggart. That organization is NAGR, the National Association of Gun Rights. It joins the ranks of TFA, NRA, and others all of which expertly and credibly note that Maggart has worked to impair 2nd Amendment rights in Tennessee.

Debra Maggart’s claims that she has been good in 2011 and 2012 on the 2nd Amendment are no more credible that her other advertising – lies, all lies.

Republican leaders like Debra Maggart and Gerald McCormick have been claiming that their number one job is to re-elect incumbents – nothing more than a heightened partisan role. In a news report dated June 1, 2012, their “partisan first” and “incumbent first” mentalities are highlighted:

Tennessee Republicans are looking to tighten their grip on state government in the Nov. 6 general election by winning an even larger legislative majority than they’ve enjoyed the last two years.

But party leaders, particularly in the House, say a first priority is to ensure that members of their caucus survive challenges in the Aug. 2 primary.

House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick and Caucus Chairwoman Debra Maggart both say incumbents winning primaries is a prime concern. In McCormick’s words, incumbents deserve to be “rewarded on election day” for responsibly governing since they began dominating state politics two years ago.

* * *

Maggart sees it as her unwavering responsibility to ensure sitting lawmakers get their jobs back next year. And she faces her own tough re-election challenge against Courtney Rogers of Goodlettsville, a retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel.

Supporting a candidate can mean everything from political donations from individual lawmakers or the well-funded House GOP Caucus, appearances from high-ranking lawmakers such as Speaker Beth Harwell and even coming out to knock on doors or work political fundraisers.

“My job is to bring the incumbents back,” Maggart told TNReport. “That’s our job — my job — as the caucus leader.”

Debra Maggart claims that they are entitled to be “Republican” re-elected. That they are entitled to be rewarded as “Republican” incumbents. Maggart claims its her “job” to bring them back.

The big question is whether this allegedly “illegitimate” challenge from Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers and the opposition of serious citizens and grassroots organizations is proving that a Debra Maggart is going to have a hard time doing her job as the “caucus” leader of even getting herself re-elected much less others!

Indeed, she and Harwell have reportedly been begging other Republican incumbents to give Maggart their campaign contributions from their own races to try and save Maggart herself from the allegedly illegitimate challenge to her throne. Although we will not know until the October disclosure reports are filed, my bet is that very few of these other Republican incumbents have given her money and even fewer have stepped up as of the eve of the election and publicly stood and endorsed Maggart.

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