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Evans Grateful for Primary Win

Statement from State Rep. Joshua Evans, R-Greenbrier; August 3, 2012: 

I have never taken the people of Robertson County for granted, nor did I take the outcome of the election for granted. My campaign team and I worked very, very hard. By an overwhelming margin, I have again been given me the opportunity to serve, and I am very grateful to God and to my constituents.

I think voters simply saw me as a local small business owner and proven conservative leader with deep roots in Robertson County versus a full-time lobbyist funded by Nashville politicians and special interests. I have a strong record of standing up for our county and our conservative values and they trust my record versus the idea of someone who would put outside interests and political considerations ahead of them and ahead of principles.

I stayed positive in the face of a relentlessly negative campaign of personal attacks and total distortions of my record by the opponent. I am very glad that I chose to focus on issues, on conservative values, and on a better future for Tennessee. Although there was documented information from public records about my opponent’s past that would certainly have given voters tremendous insight into his character, I simply exercised the restraint not to take that approach.

Now I am eager to continue representing the people of Robertson County with total commitment to work hard for them, to make Tennessee America’s most job-creation friendly state, to take a conservative approach to taxes and spending, and to defend life and liberty.

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