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Haslam Expects to Stump for Romney in NC

Gov. Bill Haslam may be clearly in Mitt Romney’s camp, but he doesn’t expect to make many more public appearances for him outside Tennessee leading up to election day.

Haslam said he expects to go no farther than North Carolina.

“I’ve already been to North Carolina once or twice and probably will do that again. That’s probably the closest neighbor of ours which is really in play,” Haslam told reporters in Brentwood Monday.

“I think that this election is really, really important. So if I can help in one of those states that is at a tipping point, I’m more than excited to do that,” he said.

Haslam spent the day before the Aug. 2 primary election in North Carolina to greet Romney volunteers and sit in on an agriculture round table, according to the governor’s schedule.

The key is pointing out the difference between President Obama and Romney, Haslam said, which boils down to a choice between “government that is going to make more decisions for you, that’s going to prescribe more things verses a government that’s going to take advantage of the things that have made this country great, which is primarily free enterprise system.”

The governor is traveling to Tampa, Fla., Tuesday for the Republican National Convention.

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