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TFA: Kingsport Officials Flirting with Flouting Constitution

Press release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; October 3, 2012: 

Local Government Officials still working to infringe 2nd Amendment Rights of Tennesseans and the capacity of citizens to provide their own self defense.

The news report starts:

“KINGSPORT — The Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldermen was expected to consider a change to city code tonight that would have prohibited residents with handgun carry permits from carrying their firearms in city parks, including Bays Mountain and along the Greenbelt.”

A few years ago, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a law which removed all restrictions on citizens carrying in state and federal parks (to the extent state law prohibited federal park carry). However, bowing to pressure from local government officials (who were probably lobbying on your tax dollars to defeat your rights) the legislature agreed to an “opt out” provision which allows local city and county governments to vote to close local parks to permit holders. It appears from this story that elected officials in Kingsport are seriously contemplating ignoring the constitution and the rights of citizens – sort of like Obama does.

They appear to believe it is their duty and option to close publicly owned land to all citizens of the state and visitors to this state who choose to provide for their own self-defense. It appears that they are believers in the “lies of the left” that banning citizens from carrying firearms will make the parks safe by discouraging criminals, robbers and rapists from going armed into those seldom patrolled areas. They have set upon a path and now shown that they, like Rep. Debra Maggart, perhaps do not abide by their oaths to uphold the constitution and therefore do not deserve to hold public trust or office.

While some might think that this is a local issue, it is not. This type of decision impacts anyone who might vacation or travel in the area. It sets a pattern which if not opposed might encourage other city and county officials in other areas to stomp on your rights.

The full story is here.

You can contact Kingsport officials at these addresses

Mayor Dennis
Vice Mayor Tom
Alderman Valerie
Alderman Jantry
Alderman Mike
Alderman Tom
Alderman John

You can also contact City Manager John G. Campbell at 423 229-9400 or at this Contacts page

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